Class Descriptions

PLEASE NOTE. We are great at modifying exercises and providing options. If you want to try a class but you are worried that you will not be fit enough to do it, try it! We will help you get through it with lower options. You may even be surprised at what your body is capable of.

All classes are 45 minutes long apart from PIYO, INSANITY and Pilates which are an hour.


A circuit based class using Kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension training and bodyweight. This class consists of compound, full body exercises to strengthen and define every muscle in your body. Guaranteed to boost your metabolism. There is no jumping around in his class. This is a great class to do if you are nervous about trying a class or your fitness levels.


FB25 AMRAP is a class involving metabolic conditioning using a variety of exercises with kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension training, medicine balls and bodyweight. You can increase your cardio fitness and muscular endurance within this class. You could be completing 1-3 circuits within this time. The aim is to complete ‘As Many Rounds As Possible’ within a given time frame. This could be 10, 12, 15 or even 30 minutes. We can modify all exercises for all fitness levels. Expect to burn a lot of calories!


This class focuses on speed, power and endurance. This class will improve your heart and lung function and you cardio fitness. The class consists of intervals where you will be working max out for a short period of time followed by a recovery period. We incorporate bodyweight exercises, ski erg, rower, assault bike, skipping and some functional training kit. Great for shredding body fat!


An exciting, metabolic raising, calorie burning circuit class using resistance and bodyweight exercises to targeting strength, power, agility and cardiovascular efficiency! You will be using battle ropes, kettlebells, slam balls, slam bags and wall balls. Guaranteed to get a sweat on and get your heart rate up!


A low impact fitness class using yoga flows and body conditioning exercises such as squats and lunges to increase your flexibility, core strength and define your muscles. This is not your normal yoga class! The yoga flows move quickly to create a fat burning effect! A class that will make you use muscles you were not aware you had! A class that will leave you feeling worked and stretched at the end! (Class held at Bournville Cricket Pavilion)


A fun but challenging High Intensity Interval Training class using nothing else but your bodyweight! You will be working Max out for 2 minute blocks. You will be developing Plyometrics and speed, strength and balance, agility and core. Exercising at a high intensity will help you burn big calories and shred a way the body fat! (Class held at Bournville Cricket Pavilion)


A holistic class that focuses on increasing your core strength, corrects posture, rebalances the body and increases your flexibility. Every exercise is done slowly and with control so that you understand how to engage and connect with your core muscles. This class is a must for people who suffer with back, knee and hip problems. Pilates also compliments your training whether you are a runner, like to lift weights or even just do classes. Pilates will help to reduce the risk of pain and injury. (Class held at Bournville Cricket Pavilion)


This class is a yoga based workout designed to increase your flexibility, strength, balance and endurance using yoga flows and poses. We stretch, lengthen and hold poses to the latest chart music. We welcome requests of music you would like to flow to. Freestyle Fitness Yoga is different to other yoga in that it moves a little quicker and is more dynamic. The class is not a spiritual experience however you will feel relaxed, happy, stretched and worked!

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